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This little website was started to showcase a personal and continuingly growing collection. Here you will find a combination of the ‘Standard’, to somewhat rarer models gathered from around the world. While the main portion of the collection is from America, Australian and New Zealand models are also featured, as well as European and even a couple of Canadians.

Collecting vintage / classic radios is something that is enjoyed by thousands of enthusiasts around the planet. Most, like myself are hobbyist, with some more enthusiastic and/or technically minded than others.

It doesn’t matter which radios you collect, thank you for preserving what was once considered an ordinary house-hold item. Millions of these have unfortunately found their way into the trash-heaps of every city, so it’s up to us, the Collectors, the people that take great pride in what we do to keep these classic radios around for future generations.

Though there is little technical information given, where possible some Company information and history has been added. But as any fellow enthusiast can appreciate, if I got something wrong please let me know so corrections can be made.

As you continue though the pages I hope that you will find them enjoyable as well as informative. So sit back and take a trip back in time to when radio was King.

Hope you enjoy.

Thanks and Regards

Ron Wesenberg,

A Member of the Historical Radio Society of Australia Inc.

Acratone Catalog


Added on the 21 October 2013

An English made Goblin & a rather nice Zenith.

Added on the 6th Jan 2014

Detrola has been added, with two nice sets and a Emerson 108 Tombstone .

Stay Tuned For New Additions Coming Soon!